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On-Site Service Management Solutions

Your Customers will Love It

Stop paying commissions on web bookings and take control of your scheduling. There is no need to change your business to suite your booking solution. We have flexible pre-made configurations or we can customise it to work how you want to work.

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We provide tools to automate SMS and email communication consistently across every step of the process. We also allow you to synch customers into your phone so you'll always know when a customer calls.

When the booking is confirmed, when the service is completed and when the invoices are created and due. Customers can even receive notifications when you are on your way or if there is a delay.

With current technology you should never need to hear the words when I get back to the office..


Using our ShotgunDriver Navigation Apps you are be able to:

OptimiseOrder of your drops
Navigate Directions to scheduled drops
RecordWork performed
CommunicateCustomers and Base

Accounts Integration

Feature Status
Synch Customers Yes
Synch Products/Services Yes
Automatic Invoice Creation Yes

Xero is a popular cloud based Accounting system originally from New Zealand that is taking the world by storm. Migrating to Xero is simple and we fully integrate allowing you to automate much of the customer invoicing process. From new customer signup through to servicing and invoicing, the Xero integration show how powerful it can be to combine cloud based services into your business.

Signature on Glass

Using our ShotgunDriver Drop mobile App, you are not only shown how to get to your scheduled booking, but can record the essentials of what work is done.

Record work done, products sold and capture customer confirmation signature. These details as well as the location and times are recorded on-site and sent back to the servers to potentially trigger automatic invoicing.

Web Services

Already have a website?
We have plugins and widgets that you can drop right in. We can also working on plugins for Wordpress to give you even greater control over the look and feel of your backend administrative console.

Need an online Presence?
We have some that we made earlier if you need to get up and running quickly. If you want something a little more customised then we can refer you to professionals that we trust who are familiar with our systems.

Developers Welcome

We have created a suite of services and created our solution but if your business operates in a way that we don't quite handle you don't need to change the way you operate.

Developers can use our services API to build a customised solution. We are happy to work with your developers or recommend a provider if you are in our area.

Google Integration

Google Apps for work is our recommended email and calendaring solution. If you haven't thought about using Google Apps for work we strongly suggested you consider it.

Our services integrate into Google email and calendar and we are working to extend this to include authentication and Google Applications.

Learn More about Google Apps for Work
DropMap Mobile Application

Start for free. The DropMap App is available in the App store and provides route optimisation using manually entered addresses or addresses of contacts in your phone. You can use this today without any need to sign up for anything.

In the coming weeks (expected 23/8/15) we will also be offering a 14 day free trial of the backend system giving you full access to the back office planning features.

process 2

From $75 per month

Customise the web service - plan runs in advance, manage customers, track orders, products, inventory, driver tracking, developer API interface
Project Implementation
Our consultants will work through your requirements and taylor a solution to fit your operation. Our success depends on your success and we strive to give you the competitive advantage and efficiencies that you know can be acheived.
$550 Analysis

One on one requirements interview and trial access for 2 devices with back office web interface. Within 10 days a proposal will be provided with a recommended implementation plan.

Phased Implementation

Following the implementation schedule we work through clearly defined milestones without any lock-in commitment ensuring you retain full control..

Ongoing Mainenance

We will continue to refine your implementation to evolve with your business as it evolves.